Saturday, February 24, 2007

1951 Mercury Custom - Kit Car Magazine

1951 Mercury Custom - Kit Car Magazine:

"It is early spring in Long Island. It doesn't know what it wants to be, rainy and cold one day, one foot into summer the next. Today it's neither. I watch the condensation puff from the Merc's exhaust pipes in halted, irregular spats. We're going for a cruise out East, where the roads are long and straight and the traffic light, through the hinterland a few miles from the most insane city in the world, yet far enough removed it's as if time hasn't moved an inch in 50 years.
The name Dzus (pronounced 'zoose') should be familiar to all but you young guns. Grandfather William Dzus invented and perfected the quarter-turn quick-release fastener (several different types, actually) that riddled the fuselages of WWII aircraft. His young heir eventually adapted the product for the drag racing world, and in doing so he authored seven patents. The company was sold years ago, but the fastener still stands."

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