Saturday, February 10, 2007

2007: This Ain't Your Daddy's NASCAR

2007: This Ain't Your Daddy's NASCAR:

"CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Buckle up, race fans, for a season that promises to be like nothing ever seen before.

With the mandated Car of Tomorrow, changes to the Chase for the championship, Toyota's arrival, ESPN's return and the introduction of former Formula One driver Juan Pablo Montoya, 2007 will prove this ain't your Daddy's NASCAR.

Indeed, this season will be a pivotal one for NASCAR, which looks to rebound after a mediocre 2006 that saw television ratings slip and made many wonder if the sport had reached its plateau.

But NASCAR chairman Brian France hasn't strayed from his belief that all is well in his family-owned business.
'We're in a very strong position,' he insisted. 'We are still the No. 2 sport on television. Promoters continue to enjoy great ticket sales throughout the year, and I know 2007, with all of the things that are going on, will make for an exciting season.'"

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