Wednesday, February 14, 2007

FinanceDaily - Classic Car Investment Potential

FinanceDaily - Classic Car Investment Potential:

"Iconic cars not only boost sex appeal, but are also proving to be canny investments too, according to new research.
The Enzo Ferrari is the most stylish contemporary car that money can buy, coming out on top of the pile for Zurich’s Iconic Car Index, based upon performance, exclusivity, brand heritage and style status.
The insurer claims to have seen a change in the investment habits of millionaires over recent years with traditional high value purchases like art and sculpture now being joined by iconic cars. The cars were judged on a range of criteria, including rarity, design, power, motoring heritage, marque and price.
The new car market is constantly evolving as technology, design and manufacturing processes continue to improve. But it is these iconic cars that are often supported by powerful brand heritage can help them hold their value and therefore present not only the drive of a lifetime but a good investment opportunity as well."

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