Thursday, March 29, 2007

Car club keeps thumping, jumping

Tulsa World:

A Tulsa group works for a positive image for lowrider cars and owners.

The music was thumping with the rap song, 'This Is Why It's Hot.'

The car was jumping.

It's a bright-green 1984 El Camino with enough hydraulics in the back to lift its long body more than a foot off the ground and enough boom-boom in its speakers to lift the hairs on your neck.

What's that? Oh, that's the Sprite Can, said some bystanders.

And it does look like a Sprite can, all the way down to the thin white-and-yellow stripes cascading across its sleek, glittery sides.

It's the first lowrider Kelvin Reynolds has owned. He dug the car from a salvage yard four or five years ago and turned a jalopy into the envy of lowriders and lowrider wannabes.

There's a difference.

Wannabes aren't members of Individuals, a lowrider car club of which Reynolds is a member.

In Individuals, you must have a car. And a four-door Ford straight off the lot won't cut it.

The car has to have hydraulics, a hip speaker system and enough character to pass muster during inspections done on the cars every other week when the local group meets. "

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