Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Custom Car: George Barris, Part 5,The Munster Koach & Dragula

George Barris built two automobiles for the show: "The Munster Koach", a hot rod built on a lengthened 1923 Ford Model T chassis with a custom hearse body, and Dragula (which inspired a Rob Zombie song by the same name), which was a drag car built from a coffin, which Grandpa used to win back "The Munster Koach" after Herman lost it in a race. (According to Barris, a real coffin was, in fact, purchased for the car.) In real life Yvonne de Carlo drove a Jaguar sedan fitted with custom-made "spooky" ornaments, for example spider webs on the rims. She had to give up on it, as the car was repeatedly vandalized by "fans" hunting for souvenirs.

Or did he?
I've seen conflicting reports that the Munster Koach and Dragula from The Munsters were designed by Tom Daniel.

So I think designed by Tom Daniel and built by George Barris is more acurate.

"Coach and Dragula, the cars were actually created by Tom Daniel from specifications given to him by George Barris in 1964"

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