Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Knight Rider car Kitt being sold

BBC NEWS Entertainment Knight Rider car Kitt being sold:

"Knight Rider car Kitt being sold

Hasselhoff played crime-fighter Michael Knight in the programme
One of four 'talking' cars used in TV series Knight Rider is being sold for $150,000 (£76,000) in California.
Known as Kitt - or Knight Industries Two Thousand - the Pontiac Trans Am was driven by actor David Hasselhoff during the American drama in the 1980s.
It has been restored, complete with the red 'scanner' light on its bonnet.
But fans of the show must accept that the actual car has no voice and cannot drive itself or soar into the air, even though these were Kitt's trademarks.
And the vehicle's new owner will not be able to take it on the road, as it is missing a number of modifications required by US law, such as controls on the amount of pollution it emits.
The car currently belongs to Tim Russo, who bought it 10 years ago at an auction and who has been restoring it since.
The dealer, Kassabian Motors of Dublin, California, is keeping it on display until it is sold. "

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