Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Porsche 924, part 4

In 1986 the 924S was released. Porsche realised with the 944's prices increasing with new standard features and options, they were losing their place as Porsches entry-level model car. While the 924 had always been available in other markets, Porsche decided to re-introduce the 924 to the American market with an initial price under $20,000. The 924S had an old-spec 944 engine producing 150 bhp and drivetrain but with a normal slim 924 body. It also retained the original 924's spartan, VW-like interior. In 1987 the 924S Le Mans (or Special Edition) was made available in limited numbers with a 944 spec 163hp engine, uprated suspension and cosmetically upgraded interior and exterior. This special 924 had manual windows, no sunroof, and no air conditioning to save weight, although you could order one with air conditioning if you so wished.

In 1988, the final year of production for the 924S, the power for all models was brought up to 163 hp (122 kW). This made the 924S faster than the base 944 due to its lighter weight and more aerodynamic body. Due to unfavorable exchange rates in the late 1980s, Porsche decided to focus on upmarket models. They dropped the 924S for the 1989 model year, and stopped producing the base 944 later that same year

The 924 has its own racing series in the form of the 924 Championship in which Jeff May had a pivotal role from the late 1980s until his death on 10th November 2003. Jeff was also one of the founding members of Porsche Club Great Britain. Barry Ashman (the Midlands BRSCC Coordinator) took over the running of the Championship in early 2004. The 924S is also eligible to race in the 944-Spec racing class.

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