Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lamborghini Diablo, part 6

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The GTR is the rarest Diablo model with the the most extreme design, with a top speed supposedly up to 210mph (338km/h). Only 30 units were produced, all in the VT 6.0 facelift design, at an initial price point of over $300,000. Not much else is known about the GTR model.

After Audi AG took over Lamborghini from its former South East Asian owners in 1998, Mycom and VPower, they set out to make major revisions to the Diablo so that it could continue to provide revenue while its replacement was developed. The VT 6.0 was their first (and last) truly intensive redesign of the car, meaning that it was more than just a cosmetic update to the existing model. Heavy styling changes both inside and out were made; the front bumper, air intakes and nose as well as the entire dashboard, seats and switchgear were changed and improved. Displacing 6.0 litres and based on the motor that powered the Diablo GT, which in itself was essentially a modified version of the 5.7, the motor had updated ECU software in addition to new intake and exhaust systems and a refined variable valve timing system with slightly less aggressive camshafts than had been used in the earlier versions.

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