Thursday, August 15, 2013

1970 Hemi-Powered "Sick Fish" 'Cuda

Quite a while back I did a write up on the Fear Factor 1970 Hemi-Powered 'Cuda.
That continues to be one of the most popular posts here so I thought I would revisit it.
The 1970 Hemi-Powered "Sick Fish" 'Cuda was built by Rad Rides (Troy Trepanier) for former Fear factor host Joe Rogan.
They picked up an old used one for $13,000.00  and started the rebuild.

Of course Rad Rides totally reworked the whole car, but you know what I pay the most attention to....
Yes the engine.
And what an engine it is.
It's powered by a 650 horsepower, fuel injected,528 cubic inch Mopar Performance crate Hemi.
Enough to make any Mopar fan proud.

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