Sunday, February 4, 2007

Jag man's hot rod fantasy comes true... | Auto Express News | News | Auto Express

Jag man's hot rod fantasy comes true... Auto Express News News Auto Express: "

Jag man's hot rod fantasy comes true...
Stylists are usually car nuts in their spare time, and Jaguar design director Ian Callum is no exception

However, the man behind the sensational C-XF concept wasn't solely content with the idea of a sporty classic. Instead, he commissioned a 1932 Ford Model B Coupé from British firm Home Grown Hot Rods, which is powered by a 430bhp V8 specially built by Ford Racing in the US.

Callum's love of hot rods goes back to his teens, when his brother Moray - who is a leading designer at Ford in the US and revitalised Mazda's range - bought him some hot rod magazines one Christmas. 'I fell in love with rods and Jaguars at the same time,' he says. It has taken the 52-year-old designer nearly four decades to realise his dream, but here it is - an immaculate jet black fenderless three-window coupé.

'There's a purity to the design that's unmatched,' he says. 'I couldn't articulate that as a teenager, but now I realise it's about simplicity. That's what we try and achieve with contemporary car design, and is why great models such as the original Mini succeeded.' And he adds: 'The radiator grille has to be the best looking there is - I want another to hang on the wall!'"

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