Monday, February 5, 2007

Time Traveler: My '40 Ford Fixation

Time Traveler: My '40 Ford Fixation: "I've wanted a 1940 Ford Deluxe business coupe for a long, long time.

Back in high school, I owned a '40 with a '53 Olds V8, but it never made it to the stage where it would run consistently. In those days, all my friends had '40 Ford coupes. Good-looking, lightweight and begging for more horsepower, '40 Ford coupes were the hot-rod du jour in the late '50s.

I've regretted selling it ever since.

Like the ethereal ice skater in the classic movie Carnal Knowledge, a '40 Ford coupe has twirled and pirouetted tantalizingly just out of reach in my mind ever since.

I sold my '34 Ford coupe last year ('Love means never having to say you're selling'), then I ramped up the hunt for that elusive '40."

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