Sunday, April 15, 2007

007: Aston Martin DB5

James Bond has probably driven more different vehicles than any handful of other screen characters in cinema history. From the Sixties cool of a Sunbeam Alpine and Aston Martin, through the Seventies and Eighties with svelte Lotus Esprits, to the Nineties chic of BMW sportscars, and speeding into the 21st Century with Aston Martin’s beast of a car – the Vanquish. Take a look at the files of just a few of the cars in which James Bond oo7 has created more screen destruction, havoc, mayhem – and motor vehicle madness than a
posse of short-sighted pensioners on the M25 or an Interstate Highway!

Aston Martin DB5 - Goldfinger

When Bond's old Bentley could no longer cut the ice, 'Q' Department came up with this classic British sports car, fully loaded with optional extras...

Front and rear extending over-rider rams.
Front firing .30 calibre Browning Machine. Machine guns behind the front indicators
Retractable tyre slashers
Retractable rear bullet proof screen
Radio telephone concealed in secret door compartment
Radar scanner in racing type wing mirror, tracking screen in the cockpit
Passenger ejector seat - roof panel jettisoned just before the seat is fired
Oil slick ejector from nearside rear light cluster.
Triple spiked nails (calthrops) from the offside rear light cluster.
Cartridge for smoke screen released through the exhaust pipes.
Revolving number plates (BMT 216A - UK, 4711-EA-62 - France and LU 6789 - Switzerland)
Armaments draw under front driver seat
Bullet-proof front and rear screens.

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