Monday, April 9, 2007

The Black Beauty

This is the most complete history to date; there are gaps of information, however, if you have factual information that can be corroborated with documentation I welcome your input.

Dean Jeffries created both cars in 1966. One car, the number #1 was created first some time in June or July. They were both used on the set of the show and first appeared together in the episode "Corpse of the year" on January 13, 1967. On March 24, 1967 the last episode of the Green Hornet aired. After the filming, both cars moved to undisclosed locations.

Some years later George Barris acquired one car. From that car he made a reported (3)Copies for promotion. Later he sold the original to JJ Born of the Chicago Historical Antique Automobile Museum Inc. in Highland Park Ill. After some time Born sold the car to a Chicago area Dentist. It sat for a few years and then was resold to Vintage Motorcars Showplace in Cleveland, Ohio. During the time that it was there, it was rented out for parties and special events. It appeared at the Chicago Hero Convention in March of 1991 were it was supposed to be auctioned for sale. There were no buyers. At that event Van Williams and Wende Wagner signed the desk in the rear of the car. Later in 1991 the car was put up for auction at the Kruse fall Auburn event in August. At that event it was purchased by Miss Opal Wall of Sturgis Michigan. At that time she was 78 years old. She was a unique lady with a passion for black cars; she owned three when I met her. She said she liked The Black Beauty's color and style. In 1992 she put the car in Gilmore's auto museum in Kalamazoo Michigan.

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