Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hot rodders must face up to reality

Hot rodders must face up to reality
David Grainger, CanWest News Service

In a typical case of killing the messenger, I received some pretty nasty e-mails in response to a recent column about the vulnerability of hot rods and custom cars to environmental legislation.

Rather than it being taken as a cautionary tale, it was misinterpreted as my personal condemnation of hot rods and the custom car culture. Some comments were amusing but, by the time I had finished responding to some of the doorknobs, I was starting to think that putting them out of business isn't such a bad idea.

Several points were raised that I would like to address:

First claim Hot rods are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly: Sure, a 427-cubic-inch, big-block Chev with two Holly 750 double-pump carburetors, headers and cherry bomb mufflers is positively tree hugging, a real exercise in environmental awareness.

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