Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Jaguar XJ

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A Jaguar near and dear to my heart, because we have a 1988 XJ6.
The Jaguar XJ was more of a luxury touring car, not the land rockets some Jags were.
They came with the six cylinder and V-12.
But that's not to say the model had no high performance engines.
In 1994 they had a 6.0 L Jaguar V12 engine rated at 318bhp.
In 1995 there was a 326 bhp supercharged version of the straight-6 offered and badged as the XJR.
The X308 Mk II had a 4.0 litre supercharged option that delivered 370 bhp and also a 4.0 that provided 400 bhp.

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